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Change can be scary. Asking students and parents to make a major change in school may create hesitation. Our virtual tours help build transparency and visulization for the next steps in a prospective students career. Fill the funnel and convert confidently.
Allowing your audience to access your facilities, get answers to their questions, and make decisions on their future in their own time, on the device of their preference matters.
Track the success of your interactions with Google analytics integration. Lead capture forms help filter potential leads and deliver value contact data to the right resource.
In 2020, schools were forced to re-imagine how to invite families into their buildings. From tours to open house events, virtual became the new reality. It also created a moment to open the doors to new possibilities of showcasing classrooms, labs, and life inside schools that will live beyond the need to socially distance.

OnScene’s 360° Tours are entirely customizable to your school’s specific needs. The tours create a comprehensive look inside your buildings and an opportunity to tell your school story to an engaged, captive audience. The tours can include:

Video Content

Interactive Elements

Branded Graphics

Audio Clips

Quizzes, Surveys, & Analytics

Forms for Lead Generation & Data Collection